Terrarium care instructions


Terrariums prefer a position that has a good amount of light but not direct sunlight. If your terrarium doesn't seem to be doing well try moving it to a location with more light.


Add a small amount of water about once a month or so (depending on the season and placement). If the glass container mists up too much you can remove the lid for a while until it clears. If the bottom stoney layer is too saturated with water it's an indication that there is too much water in the terrarium.

Open terrariums need to be watered more often.


The plants in your terrarium are always growing - some kinds of plants grow slowly, others more quickly. Some trimming may be needed to maintain your mini garden.

Dead leaves

It's normal that leaves die inside the terrarium - either remove them or leave them for compost.

If moss turns brown

It's normal for moss to change colour at certain times of the year but most of the time it should keep it's usual green colour.