Refunds Policy

No refunds will be given for change of mind so we advise that you choose carefully before you buy. Since the health and longevity of plants depends very much on how they are treated no refund will be given if plants die or appear unhealthy but we can provide advice and help rejuvenate your terrarium if needed (a fee for the service may apply). Also, we cannot provide a refund if any breakages occur due to mishandling or abusive treatment of the glass containers or lids or other terrarium accessories after you have taken possession of your terrarium.

Naturally, all applicable Australian consumer laws will be adhered to.

Privacy Policy

Personal information you provide for the purpose of making a purchase will only be retained in electronic form for as long as needed to complete the transaction.

Your personal information will be purged from our orders database and all email communications regarding your order will be erased from our email serverĀ as soon as is practical after order completion .

Some information will be retained in a single line entry on a paper ledger as a record of your purchase, as follows:

  • Your first name
  • Contact phone number or email address
  • Item purchased
  • Date of purchase
  • Method of purchase (e.g. Paypal, cash)
  • Purchase amount

The ledger will be kept in a secure location at our residential business address.

Credit card information is handled by Paypal and not visible to our website at any time.