Our terrariums are…

Beautifully hand crafted, living works of art!

(with genuine ecosystem layers)

“Best gift idea ever!”

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What is a Terrarium?

Mini Garden Paradise

It’s a well known fact that being surrounded by the green glow of nature generates peaceful, stress relieving feelings of tranquility. A terrarium is like a mini garden paradise that can transform any indoor environment into an oasis of peace – a soothing place of escape from the frantic 9 to 5 merri-go-round.

The perfect gift for the one you love

Terrariums make a unique and lasting gift that will always remind that special person in your life that you love them. Our terrariums look beautiful and require very little maintenance making them a fantastic gift idea for just about anyone.

Easy care – low maintenance

Busy lifestyle? Away from home often? Brown thumb? – no problem!
Our easy-care, eco-system layered terrariums are just what you need…

Closed Terrariums

Our closed terrariums are skillfully made with just the right composition of organic layers that create a self-sustaining micro eco-system and water cycle within the closed glass container. The result is that they seldom need to be watered making them a great option for people who are not good with plants, are always on the go or who want to go away on holidays for a while. Closed terrariums typically need to be watered only once a month or less (provided the cover is left on).

Open Terrariums

Open terrariums require watering more often than closed terrariums but our open terrariums are also made with easy-care, eco-system layers so when you want to go on holidays you can just cover your terrarium with a lid to convert it into a closed terrarium with a self-sustaining water cycle. Then you won’t need to worry that your plants will dry out while you’re away.

Note that some open terrariums will be a little more difficult to cover due to plants growing above the rim of the container, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do. In general you should always be able to find an inventive way to temporarily convert your open terrarium into a closed one when needed.

How to buy


Terrariums can only be delivered within the local Geelong region

Visit us

Go to the shop page to browse our complete range of terrariums and then call or text us to arrange a mutually agreeable time to visit our residential business address in Waurn Ponds (Victoria, AUSTRALIA) to view the terrariums of your choice (when restrictions allow). We’re sure you will love them all and find a special one to call your own. When you’ve made your selection you can pay cash to complete the purchase. Please keep in mind that with this method we are unable to reserve any terrariums until your visit (especially during Christmas season).

You can purchase our terrariums securely online using Paypal or credit card then collect your purchase from our Waurn Ponds (Victoria, AUSTRALIA) residential business address (no-contact pickup is available). Prompt door-to-door no-contact delivery is also available for orders of $100 or more to selected Geelong suburbs for a fixed delivery fee of $20.

$ Cash on collection

We also accept cash on collection. After making your selection online check out using the “cash on collection” payment method. An order will be sent to us and your selected terrarium will be reserved until you collect it from our Waurn Ponds (Victoria, AUSTRALIA) residential business address. Once we receive your order we will contact you to arrange a mutually agreeable time for collection. Contact-free collection is available.